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David Lyons

David Lyons

David Lyons can’t remember if he banged himself on the head or fell off his chair when he learned in October 2010 that his latest novel, Ice Fire, was to be published by Emily Bestler Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. The thriller, featuring a Louisiana district attorney that gets tangled up with a fugitive scientist who discovered a new source of energy that could end US dependence on oil, hits Canadian and US bookstores on May 1. While Lyons has been a prolific writer for two decades, with several self-published books under his belt, this has been his first experience with a traditional “big league” publisher.

His Ice Fire journey began with the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group (www.pvwg.com), where a friend connected with the New York publishing scene began interceding on his behalf. “As it frequently happens, nothing happened,” he comments. When a suggestion was put forth some three years ago that he write a thriller, he did just that, producing the final manuscript in six months of daily writing. This time, something did happen.

What followed the initial good news was an involved procedure that Lyons describes as “fascinating,” initially involving contract review and submittal. Afterward, a thorough editorial process began. The manuscript was reviewed in detail, first ensuring that the overall pace of the story worked and then examining accuracy and continuity details. Finally, with galleys (printer’s proofs) ready to circulate among the publisher’s marketing department, the pre-release buzz began.

Already busy penning the second book in the series, Lyons is thrilled that, prior to release, Ice Fire has already been chosen by Reader’s Digest to appear in a compilation later this year. The book is available through amazon.com.

Mexico’s Hidden Gold

What a fun read this recently released novel is! A contemporary treasure hunt —throwing in fascinating tidbits about Mexican folklore, history, and a beach-bum lifestyle for good measure— local author R. D. (David) Lyons’ first published work is a fast-moving tale revolving around a fortune in gold stolen in the aftermath of the Mexican Revolution. Buried in the hills above Puerto Vallarta, 80 years later it becomes the object of a desperate and deadly search, gringos stumbling onto the path of men who will stop at nothing.

Lending credence to his fiction, oft-repeated rumors of buried treasure around PV. And his depiction of nearby Yelapa rings true for more folks than might care to admit it.

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