“As soon as I could hold a crayon in my hand I started drawing” 

Originally from Yucatán, Pérez grew up loving the outdoors and the sea. And rather than becoming an artist, she firmly states that she was born one. “As soon as I could hold a crayon in my hand I started drawing,” admitting to frequently getting into trouble at school “because I'd always be sketching in my notebooks and simply couldn't stop.”

Passionate about all things artistic, she went on to design sets and lighting for theater and television and to choreograph modern dance, a manifestation of her fascination with the human body. And thanks to the artist's numerous monumental public works in both Mexico and the United States, multitudes have been enchanted by her ebullient interpretations of the human form. Attendees and participants at Jalisco's recent Pan American Games, for example, were inspired by one of her monumental pieces just outside of the new gymnastics stadium.