Julia Fuentes


Date of Birth: January 13, 1976

Place of Birth and of current residence: San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca.

Daughter of renowned artisans Epifanio Fuentes and Laurencia Santiago, Julia Fuentes began painting at her parent’s workshop in 1989 when she was only 13 years old and she fell in love with the arts. A few years later she began her art education at the School of Fine Arts where she graduated as Art Instructor in 1989. Julia and her husband Juan J. Melchor started their own workshop in 2001.

Julia’s paintings are characterized by colorful geometric shapes on copal wood figures that her husband carves which she decorates with traditional spikes combined with Zapotec details, in a fusion of the past and the present thus adding a new level of depth to Mexican folk art.

Julia uses oil and cracked marble in her paintings which are more refined than primitive paintings, to give them dimension and texture.

Julia also captures her creativity on canvas where her unique style is reflected in representing nature’s elements using the same fantastic colorful combination found in her carved wood crafts.

Julia and Juan's pieces, as well as several other Mexican folk artists' are found in private collections in different countries like Italy, France, USA, England and Austria to name some. 


  • November 2011 – Colectika - Puerto Vallarta , Jalisco.
  • January 2012  - Colectika -  Puerto Vallarta , Jalisco.
  • November 2012 –The Beauty of Oaxacan Folk Art - Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA
  • October 2013 - Oaxaca Artisan Demonstration - Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA
  • October 2013 – Sedona Art Festival - Sedona, AZ

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