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José Victor Crowley

Emotions govern his work enabling viewers to feel what he paints

Autodidact painter Jose Victor Crowley, was born in Mexico City with a clear artistic inclination to paint, which was cultivated by his grandfather who taught Crowley basic painting skills since the time he was a child. The year 2009 marks the 50th year in his career, but it’s interesting to note that in the past before he could work full time as a painter, he had to complete a university degree to please his father. As soon he graduated, he traveled to Paris in search of a group of abstract informalist style painters that were residing in France, who publicly defended traditional French painting techniques and styles. He managed to get to know the art collective and he clung to this influence. Today, emotions govern his work enabling viewers to feel what he paints, as is exemplified in the series that he is presenting at Galería Vertice. Learn more about this fine gallery and other prominent galleries in Puerto Vallarta, by visiting our Gallery Section.

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