Renaissance Man

This true Renaissance man includes art, literature, history and humanities in his repertoire. Every week during the Malecon sculpture tour Fernando Baños meets the public at the foot of his “Millennium” sculpture, created under his artistic name, Mathis Lidice. “I speak about my work on many levels: historical, technical, artistic, philosophical; it just depends on the questions they ask after my talk.” He focuses on entering the third millennium, pointing toward the pinnacle of its bronze curved ascendant, formed by a woman. “It’s the feminine energy that will lead us into the new age.”

Artist, sculptor, man of letters, twice member of the local city administration, historian, family man, this well-traveled optimist faces the future undaunted. “While some see the glass as half empty, I look around me and can’t help but marvel at some of the improvements in the midst of all this development. We’ve become an international community with expectations and demands of a caliber that we didn’t imagine in earlier times. While we used to be able to sponsor few cultural events each year, there are now too many to attend them all.”

Looking toward the future, he adds, “The only important public building we’re still missing to reach the next level is a good theater for live performances. Many of us have dreamed of that.” When asked what he’d like to be remembered for, this vibrant but humble man says, “Everyone does his own part for Vallarta. I don’t think I’ve done anything extraordinary. What’s important is that we each do what we can.”