Evelyne Boren arrived in Vallarta in 1972 for a painting holiday.

Within 24 hours she met her husband-to-be and simply never left. In those days, the only art gallery in town was, Galeria Lepe, so she is the oldest living original artist in Vallarta. Over the decades Boren has reveled in the mediums of oil and watercolor, but has recently ignited a new wave of passion within her soul, as she has been painting with palette knives rather than brushes. This innovative technique has added magical depth and texture to her latest collection of works entitled, “At the water’s Edge”, a show celebrating the magnificence of water. This effervescent artist, who has painted around the world, is also an accomplished teacher. Boren is represented locally by Galerie des Artistes. Learn more about this and other galleries by visiting our Gallery Section.