Alfonso Peña

Alfonso Peña is a Renaissance man. Equally at ease in front of an easel and canvas, an architectural floor plan, and even a microphone for an occasional stint at a local martini bar, the artist was born in Queretaro and raised in Monterrey, where he pursued his studies as an architect and visual artist. He arrived in Puerto Vallarta in 1996, and immediately found himself surrounded by the ideal environment and characteristics to blossom, both professionally and artistically.
A painter through most of his adult life, Peña didn’t delve in the professional art world until advised by close friends to do so, over a decade ago. Since then, his work has been exhibited in several art galleries and is sought after by local and international art collectors. An abstractionist at heart, the artists finds himself drawn to a variety of experimental techniques but remains close to his roots; the use of primary colors and neutral tones, traditional oil techniques and the incorporation of linear forms, geometric shapes, textures and organic elements in mostly large canvases.
His most recent explorations have led him to the use of epoxy resins in combination with clear, acrylic sheets, intercalating a variety of elements between them—such as papers and adhesive tapes—to imbue his works with a sense of multi-dimensionality.
Alfonso Peña is represented locally by Galería Contempo. Learn more about this and other galleries by visiting our Gallery Section.

Two Minutes with Alfonso Peña

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