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Abelardo Favela

The multi-faceted artist was born in Mexicali in 1948 but moved to Guadalajara and eventually Mexico City, where he began painting in 1970. Alongside with his artistic pursuits, he was a TV producer for Channel 13, a cultural public television network, and subsequently opened and directed Grupo Match, his own advertising agency, where he produced over 250 commercials before retiring to paint full time. With over 25 individual exhibitions, the artist’s works now hang in many private collections.
Favela paints with so much joy, poetry and beauty, it gives one a sense of complete amazement, along with his very subtle sense of humor. Women dancing in immense ballrooms; sailors in an improbable musical; musicians who carouse rather than suffer the adversities of their trade; young men of innocent beauty; young women of natural lasciviousness; beloved objects; furniture, plants, trees, the embracing landscape and the ever present fauna, are a few of his recurring themes.

Five minutes with Abelardo Favela

We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with this talented, charming and renowned Mexican artist during a visit in February for an exhibition of his canvases and sculptures that took place at Galeria Contempo. The resulting video, produced by Managing Editor Paco Ojeda, is but a glimpse into the life and career of a multifaceted, multitalented man who left the world of corporate TV production and his own advertising company to focus on painting on a full-time basis.

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