Kerri Rivera


Finding Light at the End of the Tunnel

Like a kite, Kerri Rivera rose against the wind rather than with it when, after a frustrating slew of hits and misses, her youngest son, Patrick, was diagnosed with autism six years ago. He was two at the time. Surrounded by literally no local expertise or any type of peer support circle, she did what most mothers would do: She became informed and involved in the biomedical community. It was through the Autism Research Institute, a non-profit dedicated to autism research, diagnosis and treatment for the past 40 years, that she learned about a specialized biomedical protocol involving a special diet and supplements, physical therapy, applied behavioral analysis, chelation and hyperbaric treatment. There was light for Patrick at the end of the tunnel.

Being completely bilingual, she took it upon herself to translate the protocol into Spanish, thus allowing her to offer previously unavailable support to other Mexican parents. And since access to a hyperbaric chamber was essential for Patrick’s recovery, she had one brought in and created AutismO2, the only autism clinic in Mexico offering this successful treatment today.

Hyperbaric medicine has proven successful in treating not only autism. The medical use of oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure is useful in a variety of applications, including patients recovering from plastic surgery, diabetes, cancer and so forth. Presently, Patrick, along with tens of thousands of children worldwide, is well underway to recovery, thanks to the biomedical protocol offered locally at AutismO2. He is one of approximately 250 children from all over Latin America that have visited the clinic over the past two years, thanks to Rivera’s devout dedication as a mother and as a friend to the many parents whose lives she’s had the opportunity to touch.

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