Exceptional family man and business leader

People can’t say enough good things about this exceptional family man and business leader who plays a huge role in making Punta Mita one of the world’s foremost tourism real estate developments today.

Involved with the project since day one and taking over its marketing two years ago, he has proved a wonderfully effective bridge between affluent American buyers and Punta Mita’s master developer, one of the largest corporations in Mexico. So the challenge was to address the American market, understand what Americans look for in the ultimate lifestyle, and translate that into services and facilities.

“Yet we haven’t created an American resort. We’re very proud of our ancient cultural heritage and truly believe it to be our biggest asset, subtly blending that Mexican spirit into a product that is appealing and makes sense for the American buyer.”

An innovator in customer service, he has put together a super marketing team, yet when he graduated in the ‘70s, he had no idea what he wanted to do. “And that’s why I chose a major that would give me the mental structure to find out. I quickly learned that investment banking and the government were not for me, then went into real estate time share and immediately loved it.”

After six years as operations director he became real estate director for hotel operator Posadas de Mexico, gaining great experience as head of marketing management for the Porto Ixtapa development. Quickly realizing that a huge opportunity was being missed by not taking advantage of the value that building a hotel creates in an area, he suggested that the company buy a little more land and develop it into a retail component – the beginnings of the Fiesta Inn concept.

Then project manager of Punta Ixtapa for a couple of years, when Punta Mita was about to come on stream he was asked to join DINE as its project manager, later becoming its commercial director before taking on his current responsibilities.

Happily married 23 years with four sons ranging from 22 to six, “everything I do is because I really enjoy it and it’s for my family.”