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Rodolfo Trejo


“My job consists of making things happen”

Little did Rodolfo Trejo know how much his life would change when he accepted a managing position at the Vallarta Yacht Club some three years ago. “My job consists of making things happen,” he comments. But beyond the administrative tasks usually associated with many management jobs (payments, collections, hiring staff and so forth), Rudy, as he’s commonly known, thrives on making things happen for the active membership of the club, year round, according to the guidelines and expectations established by the board of directors. “I actually serve double duty as concierge, enjoying each opportunity I can to help members find ways to meet their needs, even if they do not relate to the club,” he adds, recalling a particular incident in which he assisted a member in finding a few Hobie Cats to rent, ultimately finding a source thanks to a couple of private owners and a nearby resort.
There are approximately 225 active family members in the Vallarta Yacht Club, out of which 70 or so live in the region all year. On any given day, a varying number of members walk in the door to enjoy the facilities, which include a swimming pool, a very affordable restaurant and a number of Optimist and Laser boats to enjoy, or simply to check email or use the shortwave and VHF radio equipment on site. In fact, it is not unusual to see up to 150 people at the club on any given day during the winter months, a time for many to catch up with friends or exchange tips on finding crew members for upcoming sailing trips. Given the fact that many own their own vessel, not to mention their devotion to all things nautical, an impressive 90 percent of the membership volunteers for the many projects the yacht club undertakes under Rudy’s supervision, such as the annual Banderas Bay Regatta and, this season, the Pan American Games.
Beyond the active membership, Rudy warmly greets guest cruisers with reciprocal privileges from participating yacht clubs around the world, and serves as a liaison between members and the local community at large. “Most large sailboats require up to 10 crew members. During Banderas Bay Regatta, we greet many locals who wish to volunteer, even without prior experience. The sailboat captains provide them with the necessary training to get their feet wet, pun intended, in nautical activities.”
Responsibilities aside, Rudy takes pride in having become an avid fisherman since he joined the club. And when not offshore, he enjoys dining out with his wife and daughter, and it’s not unusual to find him unwinding while playing three-cushion billiards at a local club.

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