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Ricardo Murrieta


Promoting Reading

It’s not unusual to arrive at Puerto Vallarta’s Los Mangos Public Library and find director Ricardo Murrieta Grada engrossed in its activities, just as he was when he took over the position seven years ago. A communications major, he thrives on helping students connect with the diverse information sources available there, as well as scheduling a variety of activities for Puerto Vallarta’s population at large, with a pivotal role: to encourage reading. “Hopefully, they’ll realize that this is an ideal place to spend a morning or afternoon,” he remarks.

A Mexico City native, 38-year-old Murrieta has morphed into a jack of all trades, carefully looking after the library in conjunction with his team, despite its meager operating budget. And although he can take pride on the successful completion of a number of projects, such as the many available workshops offered on an ongoing basis, he is quick to acknowledge that there is yet a lot to be done. “I’m quite certain that over half of Puerto Vallarta’s population hasn’t even stepped into the library, notwithstanding it’s convenient location,” he laments. In fact, it’s our city’s foreign community who has eagerly stepped up to the plate with their contributions during tough times.

Murrieta senses a turning point in the library’s evolving momentum taking place within the next couple of years. But on a day-to-day basis, he remains fully committed to this essential space, where he’s thrived both professionally and personally.

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