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Best Nature Contributor

Originally from the Czech Republic, Petr Myska arrived in Vallarta for the first time in 2000. He was joyously overwhelmed with the multitude of plants and animals he encountered in our diverse ecosystem; however, he found it challenging to identify many of them, as there were no comprehensive field guides available.

Myska singlehandedly photographed, researched and developed his outstanding website, designed to be an interactive educational resource for nature enthusiasts around the world. This material laid the foundation for his pocket-sized field guide, “Viva Natura.” Myska not only wrote this book, but also took all of the beautiful colored photos of the most common amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals of Western Mexico found within its pages. In an effort to make this very user-friendly publication more affordable for consumers, he designed and produced the entire book himself, without prior desktop publishing experience.

Puerto Vallarta celebrates Petr Myska, a kindsouled local resident who also happens to be a world-renowned scientist, conservationist, web designer and author!

About Petr Myska

 A Zoologist, Conservationist and Photographer of Czech origin living in Puerto Vallarta on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Petr works on a wide array of topics, but always with a camera in  his hand. The two of his main focuses are:

Documenting of and educating on the vast Biodiversity of Mexico

 Commercial photography