The Need to Communicate

Josef Kandoll is a fine example of a person who communicates with a strong conviction. A former artistic photography student and a participant in several journalism workshops, he has captured creative images since his childhood, through his lens and via his writing. A native of Washington state, he has lived his two great passions of writing and photography, since moving to Puerto Vallarta more than twelve years ago. Over the years, Kandoll learned about the Mexican culture by immersing himself in it.

In an effort to express himself in a foreign language, he learned to speak Spanish the best way: talking on the streets and reading in Spanish as much as possible. Currently he has many projects on the go such as photographing homes and weddings, as well as working as an accomplished writer and collaborating with various local and international magazines. “I like working with people a lot, maybe that is why the weddings are so special to me. I do my job with the hope that the couple can reflect on those photos in the rough times and remember where their happiness began.”

There is no doubt that this amazing man has found his place in Puerto Vallarta. With a successful career spanning ten years, Kandoll has participated in countless projects that have left his mark on Vallarta, such contributing as a writer and photographer to magazines such as “In & Out” and “Vallarta Voice”. In the past, he even worked as an English teacher for one season before becoming recognized and established as the talented photographer and journalist that he is. To learn more about his work go to