Eduardo Lugo


Since 1989 he has specialized on the photograph and study of dolphins and whales

Eduardo Lugo did his studies as a photographer in Mexico City at AGFA institute, Kodak Mexicana and at the university center of cinematography studies where he had Doña Lola Álvarez Bravo as a teacher. He began his career as a photographer in 1982. For ten years he worked mostly for advertising photography and audiovisual production. Beginning in 1987 he also worked on naturalistic photography and he has photographed a remarkable number of species of the Mexican fauna ever since.
Since 1989 he has specialized on the photograph and study of dolphins and whales; his work has been published on elementary and junior high school textbooks, in nature related books, several newspapers and the most important magazines of Mexico.
He has participated in more than 10 exhibitions, six out of them on his own and the rest with other photographers. His photography participated in the 2013 Pronatura Calendar, as well as in a recent production of the Princeton University Press.

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