Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Spring/Summer 2006 issue.

Promoting Music Near and Far

It is difficult to have a conversation in Puerto Vallarta about the local jazz and blues scene without Tom Colvin’s name being mentioned. A gifted harmonica player, writer and photographer, Tom’s relationship with Puerto Vallarta began as love at first sight, and quite possibly, as is often the case with musicians, first sound. Having accepted an invitation to visit a friend, he found the condo of his dreams during his first trip and took ownership within a year.

A tireless promoter of Puerto Vallarta’s live music scene, Tom created the Music Puerto Vallarta Yahoo group on Christmas Day, 2000 (groups.yahoo.com/groups/music-puerto-vallarta). Such computer groups work like news distribution lists: Anyone is able to subscribe to them, and any item submitted to the list is instantly received by all subscribers. The group’s focus is quite simple: news about music in Puerto Vallarta. Whether it is visiting musicians seeking to hook up with local players or music lovers looking to check out the best gigs in town, Music Puerto Vallarta is currently the most valuable resource around, often quoted verbatim by other publications. In past years, he has organized and participated in several performances, such as the Jazz Spotlight at Garbo in 2003 and the Blue Spotlight at the now-defunct 180 in 2004.

Tom splits residence between Puerto Vallarta and Manila, where he is currently involved in a research project. Thanks to a reliable Internet connection, however, you wouldn’t even notice that half the time he is pouring out heart and soul to make Puerto Vallarta the Mexican destination of choice for jazz and blues music fans from the comfort of his Philippines home.

Photo courtesy of Andy Maluche