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Enrique Barrios Limón


Fostering Mexican Culture

If to dance is to move among angels, then to choreograph and lead a dance troupe is to orchestrate heaven on earth. Professor Enrique Barrios Limón, “El Profe,” barely contains his passion for working with his children. Nearly 300 of them, ranging in age from pre-school to post-adolescent, the youngsters share the camaraderie of movement. What started out as a program of DIF (Integral Family Development) nearly 12 years ago grew into one of the most dynamic dance troupes in the country. In fact, Xiutla Folklore Ballet has toured internationally in the past years, beyond Canada and the USA to Europe and Latin America, with future plans for Japan.

Barrios Limón himself began dancing at a young age and learned the discipline that has not only served him throughout his dance career but also in his instruction. In what might seem like another lifetime, he grew professionally through tenures at INBA (the national dance academy in Mexico City) and Ballet Folclórico de México, with training under Amalia Hernández and Silvia Lozano. Forming his own company, he toured in Africa, Asia, Europe and throughout the Americas, Barrios Limón experiencing a world he always dreamed of imparting to his students.

Puerto Vallarta is first in his heart. You may see him at the talking end of the microphone at cultural events in his position as coordinator of civic activities. Certainly his best work is behind the scenes, as he continues to lead the Xiutla Ballet with his discipline and stern demeanor. If “the truest expression of a people is in its dances and music” (Agnes de Mille), then El Profe is at the forefront of Mexico in its cultural expression throughout the world.

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