A professional in contemporary dance

Over the last couple of years, Melissa Castillo has gained recognition in the local cultural scene by actively collaborating in the organization of events that provide an opportunity for independent artists, local and foreign, to present their work in theater, dance and music in a suitable space, helping them generate their own income. This is a difficult task that requires overcoming the apathy of the general public, but Melissa is a natural.
Originally from Guadalajara, Melissa came to Puerto Vallarta in 2006 and was involved in local performing arts within six months. A professional in contemporary dance, the Cuale Cultural Center was the first to open its doors to her, inviting her to give her first solo performance at a painting exhibition. This led to an invitation to give classes at Biblioteca Los Mangos, where she became involved in organizing workshops and events. “I started to contact my acquaintances to organize independent courses and events, which is difficult because you don’t have a budget to support you, but fortunately everything has worked out.”
Melissa has intuitively created a network of personal contacts who support her in her projects, alleviating the effort and stress they generate. She says that public relations and a pleasant work environment are worth more than all the money in the world. “If I don’t get along with someone I’m working with, I hold my tongue and back off.” Her goal is to continue working in harmony with the universe, maintaining her level of expertise as a dancer and letting things flow naturally.