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A Song and a Smile

Every day, singer Jorge Acosta goes table to table, flashing his marvelous smile as he offers his services: singing from the heart and showing his pride in Mexican music. This 35-year-old artist is originally from Jalapa, Veracruz, also known as the City of Flowers, where he earned his living as a singer in various locations, until his brother invited him to visit Puerto Vallarta.

“I got my charro suit, and within three days I was working in two places well known for Mexican music.” Nonetheless, one day he began visiting restaurants and that began the path he still follows today.

For Jorge, the moment someone accepts his offer to sing is magic. He completely enjoys it. It is the realization of a dream that began when he was a child, listening to his grandmother sing or watching films featuring his hero, Mexican idol Pedro Infante. He wanted to study opera and emulate Plácido Domingo but wasn’t able to afford it.

But he didn’t let his dreams of a musical career die, learning to play guitar, taking singing lessons and gaining experience. Today, his experience includes five CDs of passionate songs, with a sixth on the way.

Jorge continues to live happily with his wife and son, becoming a versatile performer and enjoying contact with the lovely people who visit Puerto Vallarta. For private performances, call 222-4093.

Local Mariachi Singer Reprises Performance

Folks who missed local singer Jorge Acosta's outstanding performance this past Friday at The Palm (Olas Altas 508, E. Zapata), have a unique opportunity to catch up with him at a repeat performance this coming Friday, December 9, at 8 pm. Here's what to expect.

Repeat clients at Daiquiri Dick's and many other restaurants in the Olas Altas neighborhood will quickly recognize Jorge Acosta as one of several troubadours that saunter from eatery to eatery, performing by your table as you enjoy dinner. Given his knack of performing traditional Mexican ballads, nothing could have prepared us for his unexpected first act at The Palm, which consisted of rock and roll ballads, including vintage Elvis. English-speaking spectators will quickly recognize familiar US top-40 hits that were sung in Spanish, and may be amused to realize that many popular American songs are translated to different languages throughout the world.

To accompany this set, Acosta relied on pre-recorded tracks, a practice both popular and regrettable. However, and very much to his credit, the performance included a handful of male and female dancers who relied on well-choreographed improvisation to help carry the context of the songs and keep things visually interesting. All things considered, watching Acosta deliver with aplomb in a style so far removed from what we've gotten used to enjoy from him, was absolutely delightful.

For the second half, Acosta returned in full mariachi regalia and relied on several traditional Mexican music instrumentalists for live accompaniment, namely, a guitarist and a guitarrón player (the latter a large, deep-bodied Mexican acoustic bass guitar played in mariachi groups). Once again, the dancers returned to help convey the largely romantic message that has been the singer's ongoing trademark choice of repertoire. Acosta's pipes are beautifully powerful, indeed, commanding full attention from the audience and sometimes even overshadowing his accompaniment. But this was skillfully compensated by The Palm's sound man, who provided a well-balanced, comfortable audio mix throughout the performance.

Singing with Love

Singer Jorge Acosta Soto, who is 35 years old, was born in Jalapa, Veracruz, which has been referred to as the City of Flowers. This cosmopolitan center is also known for its bustling students who attend the several local universities and who are actively involved in the rich cultural movements. Jorge first worked for city hall, bringing his music to various social events and spaces, until the day that his brother invited him to discover Puerto Vallarta. "I came for the adventure, brought one of my charro suits and something magical happened. I opened the door easily and the third day I was already working at two very popular Mexican music venues."

Soon after, this entertainer began to visit restaurants to work in, with these experiences turning him into a versatile singer who currently offers his work table by table. "I try to look nice and give a smile to people. I enjoy so much the contact with people. When I come to a table and I offer my music and they say, “Yes!” I begin to enjoy the moment."

Acosta’s dreams started when he was a child and he listened to his grandmother sing Mexican songs and also when he saw Pedro Infante’s films and dreamed of climbing on stage. "In high school I made my first appearances at school events. I also began to make presentations at private and social events. "

He considers himself more of a singer than a musician and used to take classes in his hometown where he particated in rondallas and choirs. Being declared a Plácido Domingo fan, he tried to study at the conservatory of music but could not do it due to personal economic issues. "My dream was to be opera singer as I believed that had the power in my voice, but was not given the opportunity, however I still enjoy my job."

Acosta has recorded five compact discs: the first was called Un Romance con Jorge Acosta and is made up of romantic Mexican music; the second is Fusion, a duet of pop ballads; the third is Coincidir, a merger of trova with Mexican music; the fourth is fraught with Mexican songs full of passion; and the fifth is Fusion Tributo, duets sung in English and Spanish. He remains determined to continue his recording career. "I love to introduce to my friends and the people who listen to me, something new and different".

This performer has lived in Puerto Vallarta for 13 years, and is happy with his girlfriend and their four years old son Cristo, who recently had a difficult health situation. "I would like to thank the support that I received when were fighting against the cancer of my son Cristo. The Daiquiri Dicks’ owners and team, Puerto Nuevo’s owner, Grupo ACIR Radio, and all the people who gave us the strength to continue.”

“The direct contact with people fulfills me completely. I love to work at particular parties with people that invite me. That is how I made a lot of friends.” To contact Jorge Acosta email or call to 222-4093.

Four Minutes with Jorge Acosta

We have featured favorite local mariachi crooner Jorge Acosta several times in our publications for obvious reasons: those of us who know him personally can attest to his charismatic personality and amazing voice. Readers who haven't enjoyed Acosta's singing, either at Olas Altas restaurants he frequently visits, or onstage, will undoubtedly enjoy this four-minute video, featuring selections from his recent performances at The Palm.

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