Living Her Passion

What compels a single mother to move her family from Tucson, AZ, to Yelapa in the early ‘80s? For the talented and spontaneous musician d’Rachael, it was a feeling that infused her soul on previous visits to this enchanting seaside community just south of Puerto Vallarta. “My bare feet on that earth ... it felt like home in Yelapa. It was like living in a national park!” Yet it was also a lot of hard work, and she performed wherever she could, in both Yelapa and the Vallarta area, to support her children while living her passion.

d’Rachael’s musical career began decades ago, when she began studying classical flute at age 8, but she was innately drawn to the harp after her second daughter was born in 1979. “I got a harp to serenade my baby and learned to play it by feeling.” And she continues to delight audiences with enchanting performances on both flute and harp at weddings and other special events in the Puerto Vallarta area, as well as regular gigs at Daiquiri Dick’s, Archie’s Wok and Coco’s Kitchen.

“Retirement is out of the question!” declares this empty nester, with a chuckle. “Now that I have my little house in Pitillal, at least I know I have a little roof over my head. I just need a little money for food and the telephone, etc. There were many years where we didn’t know where the next money would come from, but in Yelapa, people would just help you.”

The inspirational d’Rachael is living proof that success truly can be measured by the joy and satisfaction of following your dreams rather than solely the material things in life.

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