Considers her world small, with her community focused on health and medical issues

Pamela Thompson considers her world small, with her community focused on health and medical issues. But without her outreach in times of need, that community would indeed be smaller. When she came to this town nearly two decades ago, it was on vacation, but she immediately fell in love. “With Vallarta,” she hastens to add. Since then, Thompson created her own family here, and eventually her adult son moved to Puerto Vallarta, precipitating the recent arrival of her grandson.

Busy in her position at Global Life Flight, Thompson reaches across the community by Internet in hours of need, for things such as blood or specific medical supplies. “I feel very confident with the level of service we provide. We’ve trained our own paramedics, and they are good. The changes I’ve seen locally in medicine have all been positive ones, especially the quality of medical services.”

As Global continues to grow, offering ambulance service anywhere in the world with a Leer jet on hand, they will move their main office to the new Cornerstone Hospital, but will maintain a presence at San Javier Hospital near the Maritime Terminal, as well as their satellite in Nuevo Vallarta.

When Thompson needs to relax, she looks towards the mountains to the isolated town of San Sebastián del Oeste. Years ago she met expatriate Bud Accord, owner of San Sebastian’s Hacienda Jalisco. And they still share a bond in his tales of John Huston, Shirley Booth and Loretta Young around the campfire in the cool evenings, “It connects me with the stories I heard from my grandparents, who talked about the same Hollywood people.”

Her mother’s mother lived in the mountains of the Sequioa National Forest and “taught us to read the road. She pointed out so many things from simple observation. She said the trees were balm for her soul, and that’s what I feel up there, too.”

“I guess I’ve come full circle in my life. I loved my grandparents very much, and now that I have my own grandson I realize how deeply they loved me. I can only say once again how blessed I am.”