Experience and Success

Manuel Ramirez Miranda came to Puerto Vallarta 30 years ago to manage the local Lloyd branch. He got the job while vacationing in Guadalajara, after serving for two years in the US Army during the Vietnam War. “To travel the world and get to know other cultures was amazing, despite the rough times. It’s an experience that defines your character, and I would definitely go through it again,” he assures.

Three decades ago, destiny brought him to Vallarta, a small town that opened its arms to him and his family. Since then, he’s helped Lloyd to become the largest fund manager in town. roughout these years, he’s met important people in the financial, artistic and political fields, who’ve come to live here and learn about Lloyd services. “We off er a number of services, personalized attention and reliability, and always do our best so that our clients feel at home,” he replies when asked for his secret for success.

To Manuel, the work at Lloyd has been like a family business, where the happiness of the employees with the work environment is of primary importance. “The job can become consuming and stressful because important decisions must be made, but with a good team and knowing how to delegate work, things are easier.” And it’s obvious he’s done things right, as shown by the growth of real estate offices and other services around the bay. His most important professional challenge has been to increase the number of clients, which today number about 10,000.