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Enrique Tovar


Serving Tourism 365 Days a Year

No matter whether it’s a weekend or holiday, Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Department, headed by Enrique Tovar, is always open. Offering the best services possible to help orient the tourist, the dedication to service that Tovar instills results from more than a decade of hard work in the hotel industry with major companies such as the Hilton hotel chain.

Tovar took the lead after serving as deputy director for over a year. He was responsible for making changes and achieving better results, particularly in the management of human resources, by giving his staff the opportunity to continue their education. “They are the soul of this office, and there are always at least two people giving out information, sometimes four. When needed I go out to give information to tourists myself, but this usually happens when we have cruise ships in port and the city is full of visitors.”

Tovar arrived in Puerto Vallarta in 1975, a boom time for the tourism sector, and participated in the opening of several hotels. Beginning as a receptionist and being promoted to hotel manager, he went on to become a tour boat operator, and finally the owner of a bar. With all this experience, Tovar remains committed to serving the tourist as he has for more than 30 years, now as Puerto Vallarta’s director of tourism.

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