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Debbi Egan


Debbi Egan: For the Love of Children

A one-day stop in Vallarta while cruising with her family 22 years ago touched Debbi Egan’s soul. And in 2003, after lengthier annual visits to our fair city, she and her late husband, Mike, purchased Choco Banana. And the rest is history. But there’s so much more to this special lady than her roles as business woman and restaurateur; she also is a mother, grandmother and angel.

Children have always been a priority for her. In addition to loving their own children and grandchildren, the Egans adopted young Gabriel a few years ago and acted as honorary parents to many children and young adults over the years. Egan still proudly “mothers” her young adult friends telling them, “Be Safe!” as they head out for the night. And every Wednesday evening, Choco Banana Cantina hosts Charity Nights to raise money for needy local organizations, many of them benefiting children.

The neighborhood kids love Egan and stop by regularly. She beams, “I don’t think that they have any idea how much they’re giving me. When they come into the restaurant, they make my night!”

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