Building a culinary career from the ground up

Originally from Puerto Vallarta, chef Lepe started building his culinary career from the ground up when he joined The Blue Shrimp 11 years ago. Since then, he has endeavored to maintain the restaurant’s commitment to quality by adding his unique touch to existing recipes and adding his own creations to the restaurant’s varied repertoire.

A staple among The Blue Shrimp’s delectable seafood offerings, their Portuguese-style Shrimp has been one of the restaurant’s favorite dishes among return guests since its introduction some 13 years ago. Jumbo shrimp are wrapped with bacon, grilled to perfection and served skewered to a half papaya, with a creamy cheese sauce, steamed white rice, and green vegetables with fine herbs and a butter sauce. For added effect, the dish is presented with a flaming torch on the side. Chef Marco Antonio Lepe recommends pairing it with a chilled glass of chardonnay. “The salty bacon and shrimp contrasts nicely with the fruity notes of the wine,” he comments. “And the sweetness of the papaya, along with the creamy sauce, provides a flavorful experience.”