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Ignacio Uribe


Nurturing his passion for gastronomy

If you’ve dined at Daiquiri Dick’s, you’ve probably experienced firsthand its executive chef’s determination to succeed by providing excellent cuisine. What is lesser known is how that same determination was pivotal a few years back in creating a modern connection between Puerto Vallarta proper and one of its neglected colonias: Paso Ancho. Uribe was born and raised in Paso Ancho 37 years ago. The eldest of nine siblings, some of his earliest memories involve watering his father’s orchards before going to school every morning. “There was not much of anything between El Remance (where the Libramiento now crosses the Rio Cuale) and Paso Ancho,” he recalls.

As he began attending elementary school (across the street from Daiquiri Dick’s, no less), he became increasingly aware of the city’s attractions. His adolescence was cut short, however, when his father passed away, leaving Uribe in charge of his mother and 8 siblings at age 15. It was not love at first sight, but compelled to care of his own, he began working at a local restaurant as a dishwasher, quickly advancing through the kitchen’s echelons.
While nurturing his passion for gastronomy, he remained deeply involved with the many needs of his neighborhood. Prior to the construction of a paved overpass some six years ago, it was impossible to reach Paso Ancho without crossing the Rio Cuale itself, which meant, for example, that driving an ambulance to the overlooked neighborhood during the summer rains was simply not possible. Determined to make a difference, Uribe was elected from a slate of candidates as president of his neighborhood for a three-year term, making the construction of an overpass his main goal. He succeeded, bringing unprecedented prosperity not only to his family but to all who live and work in Paso Ancho and beyond.

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