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Bob Price


Every amazing accomplishment begins with a simple idea. In 2004, Bob Price moved to Puerto Vallarta, yearning to return to and explore the unique terrain and biodiversity of the mountainous area near El Tuito. This magnificent landscape had been imprinted on his mind from his first exposure to the area some 20 years before.

Bob assumed that Puerto Vallarta had an established botanical garden and was astounded that one didn’t already exist. Noting avoid in the local retail plant market and needing a way to generate income, Bob decided to create and develop an orchid farm. He purchased land in the mountains for this unique venture but soon became obsessed with growing plants, and the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens were born.

The natural oak and pine forest they are cultivating from seed is a great source of pride for Bob. This is the natural habitat for coffee, cacao (chocolate), vanilla and numerous species of orchids. His current goal is to receive official permission from the Mexican government to legally grow and display marijuana, peyote and other hallucinogenic plants — a pursuit that has so far been declined by major botanical institutions throughout the world.

By cultivating plants, Bob believes we can make the world a better place by affecting water and air quality. “There’s a manmade global crisis looming, and planting trees, especially, is a proven way to help reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment.”

Bob Price is a man of vision, who turns his thoughts and dreams into reality. In two short years, he has made the Botanical Gardens one of the most noted tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta. For more information on these outstanding gardens, go to www.vallartabotanicalgardensac.org.

Two minutes with Bob Price 

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