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Alfonso Bernal


Learning from the River

Growing up beside the Cuale River with its constant flow toward the sea, Alfonso Bernal Romero gained a perspective on life that keeps his feet on the ground. But that doesn’t stop the 30-something attorney, entrepreneur, teacher, horseman, family man and philosopher from dreaming. In fact, it’s his imagination and creativity that got him where he is today.

Growing up by the river taught him that it sometimes overflows and sometimes goes nearly dry, and he watched the construction that brought Isla Rio Cuale to where it is today. When finishing high school, he listened to his comrades as they chose to follow in their family businesses, but Bernal knew he wanted something different.

After receiving doctorates in both business and corporate law, Bernal built his office on the banks of that river. “I look back and remember my parents with so much less, how they gave so much more.” Working with students at the university, Bernal says, “This country so badly needs professionals who are inspired and have the desire to work. My personal search is for objectives with a philosophy that presents new challenges daily.”

Were there a window, he would be looking out at the river, but instead he gazes at a Rogelio Diaz painting on his wall. “I’m very thankful to have been born here. Whenever I come back home, I am once again struck by the prosperity and greatness of Puerto Vallarta.”

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