Youth Who Governs

Puerto Vallarta’s Mayor-Elect Salvador González Reséndiz is just 28 years old, born in Puerto Vallarta on March 26, 1981. With three generations of politicians in the family, he never considered a life in politics until he was asked to serve as director of social development in the current administration, where he devoted himself to helping the less fortunate.

“I will leave city government at 31 years old and this will be my calling card–being such a young mayor of a city so important to our country,” says this graduate of international trade. He says he is passionate about his work, and that passion is what drove his political career and won his nomination. And although he was always convinced he would win the election, he worked hard during his campaign, resulting in serious physical exhaustion despite his youth.

González Reséndiz is now focused on building a government that is responsive, accessible, practical and close to the people. He also ensures that he will become a staunch promoter of this tourist destination, in addition to addressing its cleanliness and safety. “Tourists and locals should be reassured–they have an elected mayor who understands the challenges faced. We will be a good administration because we have the desire to serve.”