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Keith May


Passionate About (and by) Nature

When Keith May visited Puerto Vallarta for the first time eight years ago, he had already been involved with gray whales for 14 years as a volunteer at San Diego’s aquarium. And yet, he wasn’t aware of these impressive creatures’ annual winter migration to Banderas Bay, and left having missed this unparalleled event altogether. Luckily for us, May decided to return to Puerto Vallarta the following year, his dates now coinciding with our whale-watching season, early December to late March.

His first local encounter with humpback whales was a life-changing experience. “I found a whale whisperer who showed me the soul of these magnificent creatures and that responsible whale watching was a possibility in Puerto Vallarta. This was the spark that set my work to help protect the whales into motion,” he recalls.

A full-time Puerto Vallarta resident for the past three years and a graphic designer by trade, May has arguably become our destination’s most committed, outspoken and relentless proponent of responsible whale watching, focusing most of his time on this noble task during the winter months. Today, he works closely with local tour operators and helps educate the public through www.puertovallartawhalewatching.com, featuring relevant information about authorized tour providers, whale-related news and much more.

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