It’s All About People

One could easily imagine that being an extrovert would be one of the requirements to be the general manager at the region’s most important luxury resort. However, Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita’s Alper Oztok couldn’t be farther from that notion. The day begins early for Oztok, who enjoys an early morning stroll through the resort’s carefully manicured grounds before even setting foot in his office. For that matter, he tries to keep office time to a minimum, opting to spend as much time as possible with guests and employees, making sure that the latter have all the tools available to excel at each of their jobs. “Our business is strictly people business,” he emphasizes.

Originally from Turkey, Oztok is a world traveler, having spent the past 15 years away from his homeland, living in Asian and Caribbean countries and the United States, where he met his wife, also from Turkey. Having settled in the region some two and a half years ago, they quickly identified similarities between both cultures. “I find Mexico to have warm, hospitable people with positive attitudes, just as in Turkey.”

Oztok first discovered the flavors of Mexico in Chicago and Atlanta but identified “the real thing” upon arrival, marveling at the freshness of local fruits and vegetables. His wife, a restaurant schoolteacher in Philadelphia, has taken it upon herself to become familiar with Mexican cooking ingredients and techniques at home. “She’s getting there,” he chuckled.

His most important source of inspiration? The hospitality business itself. His most important gratification at the end of the day? The sight of satisfied employees, guests and their children, all having an unforgettable time.