After a great deal of hard work, Yoga in Yelapa  is completed and boasts an 1800 square foot yoga studio, tropical accommodations and a full kitchen/dining area. Now that this facility is fully operational they have announced their 2010 offering of extended yoga courses, making Yelapa a true yoga vacation destination. Comment the owners Judith and Cody, “If anyone would have told us years ago that we would be living outdoors in the small coastal fishing village of Yelapa, Mexico, we could not have imagined it. Not only are we now living in Yelapa, a place reached by boat with no cars, but we've completed the challenging project of building a yoga studio on a mountain. For over a year, we've watched the materials for this project be carried up the mountain by mules and on the backs of strong men - a shear force of physical strength and commitment to build - through sun, rain, humidity and every challenge possible.

Here’s a sampling of what’s planned for the upcoming months.

Yoga and QiGong Vacation in Yelapa

February 5 - 13, 2010
Participants make the daily choice between deepening their foundation of Anusara-inspired Yoga with Annie Stocker or Qigong with Martha Hurwitz.

Gina Salá Returns to Vallarta

February 5 - 13, 2010
Learn and practice mantra, and deepen in the bliss of bhakti yoga (yoga of the heart) through kirtan (chant) and Nada (sound) Yoga.

7th Annual Yoga and Birding Vacation with Judith Roth and Cody Sontag

February 12 - 20, 2010
Experience yoga, chanting, meditation, birding, sunning, hiking and resting.

The Yoga Barn Returns to Yelapa

March 5 - 13, 2010
Robin Rothenberg and Taran Collis facilitate classes that are adaptive, gentle, meditative and supportive to healing.

Anusara-Inspired Yoga & Recovery 2010 with Judith Roth and Wendy Lippmann

March 14 - 21, 2010
Judith Roth, Yelapa yoga teacher, and Wendy Lippmann, founder and director of Om Town Yoga in Seattle, invite you to an Anusara-inspired Yoga Vacation offering two workshops in one. 

Expand Your Vision: Anusara Yoga On the Mat & In the World

March 20 - 28, 2010
Join Portland's SarahJoy Marsh in for a week of yoga based on Anusara yoga, physical therapy, psychological and philosophical teachings of yoga and the importance of balancing our inner with our outer yoga.

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