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Yelapa, "A Must," by Sunset Magazine

Published Jun 3, 2008 - (Updated Jun 8, 2012)

Yelapa, the fishing village 45 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta by boat, was recently named the number one place that you’ve got to see by Sunset magazine. The top ten list includes the name of exotic destinations such as Malibu, San Francisco, Denver, San Miguel de Allende, among others.

Considered "an unspoiled beach in Mexico," Yelapa article’s description is as follows:

For beach bums and escapists

"This is exactly how I remember it," I say, standing on a wide, flat rock jutting into the sea. We're in Yelapa, Mexico, a tiny seaside village 45 minutes by boat — the only way to get here — from bustling Puerto Vallarta. My husband, Pete, hops across a few small boulders and joins me. A rooster crows in the distance, and the low hum of an outboard motor draws our attention to a panga returning with the morning's catch. The sun sparkles on the water and small waves roll politely toward us. –Samantha Schoech

Sunset is a lifestyle magazine in the United States that focuses on homes, cooking, gardening, and travel with almost exclusively attention on the Western United States. The magazine is published monthly by the Sunset Publishing Company since 1898 as a promotional magazine for the Southern Pacific Railroad, designed to combat the negative “Wild West” stereotypes about California.

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