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Recicla Parque, A Special “entreamigos” Project in San Pancho

Published May 30, 2008 - (Updated Jun 8, 2012)

Recicla Parque is an initiative of the entreamigos (Between Friends) group, to build a playground in San Pancho, Nayarit, which will be constructed almost entirely out of recycled materials. It builds on the tremendous success of the recycling initiative at the elementary school and helps turn all of that amazing energy towards creating a safe, beautiful and much needed playground for children. The elementary school has 203 students, but they are without a single piece of outdoor play equipment and not even tables to sit on at lunchtime.

Over the past weeks, children and parents have collected more than two tons of glass, plastic, cardboard and aluminum, to serve as the main building materials for the park. Working together with the teachers, the collective efforts of the parents and students have produced amazing results. On May 24th, children, parents, the community and outside volunteers, will get together to create the park for the children of San Pancho. It will be located on the elementary school grounds next to the soccer field. The park will be open to the public outside of school hours, so this facility will be well used by the community.

The parents themselves are organizing the one-day ‘community build’ and the collection of materials and supplies. Entreamigos is supporting their efforts and helping to bring sustainable building techniques and innovation to the park itself. The Recicla Parque project is not intended to be a single project, as the committee is documenting their methods, innovations and successes in such a way that it can be easily duplicated by any community with the resources they have at hand. Groups from Bucerias, Sayulita and Punta de Mita will be participating in this event, so they can take this knowledge back to their own communities.

Recicla Parque is a multidimensional project, which promotes environmental responsibility and sustainability, community leadership and empowerment, and safe, beautiful places for children to play. These are all critical elements in the healthy growth of San Pancho.

There are many ways to get involved in this special project!

  • Become a park sponsor of $500 - $5000 USD: Support the cost of a bench, planter, slide, climbing toy or swing set etc. (See details on the website.) Park Sponsors will be recognized on the Thank You sign at the entrance to the park and on Build Day T-shirts.
  • Donate your "crew" to help on Build Day: Build Day is a Saturday when many San Pancho parents will be working. Bring down your "crew" to help us build a park for the children!
  • Purchase an engraved brick to be placed in the park for $100 USD: Engraved Pavers can carry your choice of message, such as your house name, family name or an "In honor of..." or "In memory of..." message. There is a limit of 40 characters per brick. They will be placed forever in the park.
  • Donate materials and supplies: Donations of leftover building supplies, broken tiles for mosaics, car tires, wood etc. are needed.
  • Volunteer on Build Day, May 24th: We are pre-registering Build Day Volunteers. We need every kind of help from serving food to playing with kids to building walls and mixing concrete. Sign up now!

There are three options to make a tax-deductible donation and receipts will be provided.

  1. To use a credit card please visit www.paypal.com choose the SEND MONEY tab and enter entreamigos.sanpancho@gmail.com as the recipient.
  2. Send a check made out to “entreamigos”:
    c/o John Arner
    P.O. box 1373
    Blue Jay, CA 92317
  3. Bring a cash donation to entreamigos.

For further information on this innovative project, email Nicole: nrswedlow@gmail.com or check out their website www.reciclaparque.wordpress.com/about/

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