EntreAmigos is one of the most active altruistic organizations in the Banderas Bay area. Read on to learn about their recent accomplishments and upcoming projects.

Following their generous grant to EntreAmigos in 2008, the Three Swallows Foundation has offered a $36,000 2:1 matching grant to help EntreAmgios find the funding necessary to receive this grant. EntreAmigos needs to raise the remaining $76,000 before March 15, 2009. This massive fundraising initiative is necessary as EntreAmigsos need to vacate their current venue in the very near future and are determined to raise the money and finally have a permanent home in the bodegas at the edge of San Pancho.

This September, the US Air Force delivered 22 computers and a large amount of firefighting equipment to Guadalajara, as part of a special delivery. Bill and Karen Garrison arranged this second large donation of computer equipment to EntreAmigos and coordinated this project with the kind folks at "Mission to Mexico", in order to arrange for the computer delivery on the Air Force flight. The computers are in the EntreAmgios library and the local elementary school, and some will be donated to other San Pancho based organizations that work with children.

Recently, EntreAmigos helped build their second Recicla Parque playground in a small kindergarten in Corral De Risco near Punta de Mita. This project was funded by the PEACE organization in conjunction with the teachers and parents of Kinder Estado de Nayarit.

After a recent market freeze on the purchase of recycled goods, EntreAmigos is delighted that a new deal has been signed by the Riviera Recicle partnership. Residents of San Pancho can continue to drop off their recyclables at the recycling warehouse or at the recycling bins located around the town.

During the holiday season, the Recycling Center and the EntreAmigos store will have a special bin marked for food, clothes and toy donations. These items will be distributed to the needy families on December 23.