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Close Encounters with Crocodiles in Nuevo Vallarta

Published Mar 2, 2010 - (Updated Mar 27, 2012)

Birds of various kinds, abundant vegetation, luxurious villas and residences, and close encounters with crocodiles! This is what you can expect to enjoy if you hit the waters in Nuevo Vallarta's canal tours. Nuevo Vallarta has up to 10 miles of navigable waterways where you can see the preservation of flora and fauna of the area and have direct contact with nature.

This experience is unique as long as you participate with respect and care. The guide itself will make appropriate indications before entering the area where you can meet crocodiles, including to not get hands or body part out of the small boat. But the most important thing is your enjoying the connection with nature and observing the way in which the local wildlife cohabits in this space with man-made developments.Don't forget to bring your camera! Boarding is at the Paradise Village Yacht Club. For more information, call 221-1863.

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