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Puerto Vallarta Zoo

Published Nov 1, 2009 - (Updated Aug 30, 2013)


Featured in Vallarta Lifestyles Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009 issue.

Even if being kissed on the lips by a full-grown giraffe is not your cup of tea, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo (Zoologico de Vallarta) in Mismaloya offers up-close and personal encounters with a variety of species, large and small, less than 25 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta. The brainchild of Antonio and Martin Castañeda from Guadalajara, the project was 10 years in the making before opening in September 2005. Since then, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo has endeavored to create natural habitats for over 500 animals, many of which are in danger of extinction.

Far from complete, the Puerto Vallarta Zoo is presently expanding its facilities with new habitats for its population, and a new building that will house an expanded veterinary clinic, administrative offices, and a brand-new restaurant with spectacular views of the jungle around it. Learn more about the Puerto Vallarta Zoo by visiting www.zoologicodevallarta.com.

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