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Virtual Vallarta Announces the 2009 Readers' Choice Award Winners

Published Jul 15, 2009, 10:21am - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 6:21pm)

The 2009 Virtual Vallarta Readers’ Choice Awards votes have been tabulated, and results show some repeat winners but also some new faces taking home the top honors in this locally coveted Puerto Vallarta award competition. Long considered the top gastronomic destination in Mexico, next only to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta's dazzling variety of dining options includes something for just about every taste and budget. The Readers' Choice Awards' purpose is to give Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors alike an opportunity to acknowledge their favorite eateries in a variety of categories.

Readers’ Choice began in 2002 with voting taking place via the ballots in Vallarta Voice magazine. At that time there were only 16 categories in the poll and over the years this has been modified and expanded to the 38 categories in this year’s edition. For this year's edition, votes were cast online on VirtualVallarta.com from the beginning of December 2008 to June 15, 2009 and tabulated electronically to ensure accuracy.

The recipients of the most votes in each category are awarded first place, and those whose tally was more than double the number of votes for their closest competitor have been designated as Landslide Winners. Additionally, runners-up are recognized in the most popular categories. Winners are encouraged to use the Readers’ Choice logo in their advertising as a way to announce public recognition for a job well done. As a result, the VirtualVallarta.com Readers’ Choice logo has established itself among residents and visitors as a trustworthy brand.

The 2009 VirtualVallarta.com Readers' Choice Awards are listed below. Landslide winners have been indicated accordingly. For a more detailed description and photos of the winners, visit www.virtualvallarta.com/readerschoice.

  • Best Overall: Trio (Runners Up: Daiquiri Dick’s, Café des Artistes and Banana Cantina)
  • Best Gourmet: Café des Artistes (Runners Up: Trio, La Palapa and Daiquiri Dick’s)
  • Best Moderate: Banana Cantina (Runners Up: Vitea, Archie’s Wok and Barcelona)
  • Best Budget: El Brujo (Runners Up: Café de Olla, Banana Cantina and Joe Jack’s)
  • Best Service: Daiquiri Dick’s (Runners Up: Banana Cantina, Trio and Café des Artistes)
  • Best Brunch: Sheraton
  • Best Coffee: The Coffee Cup
  • Best Wine List: Café des Artistes
  • Best Riviera Nayarit: Mezzogiorno
  • Best Breakfast: Freddy’s Tucan LANDSLIDE WINNER!
  • Most Romantic: La Palapa
  • Best New Restaurant: CdA del Mar
  • Best Family Restaurant: Joe Jack’s
  • Best Catering: Eventful Moments
  • Best View: Vista Grill LANDSLIDE WINNER!
  • Best Outdoor: La Palapa
  • Best Sunset: Le Kliff
  • Best Takeout: The Deli
  • Best Buffet: Sirloin Stockade
  • Best Sports Bar: El Torito
  • Best Mexican: El Arrayán
  • Best Italian: La Dolce Vita
  • Best Asian: Archie’s Wok LANDSLIDE WINNER!
  • Best Sushi: Tsunami LANDSLIDE WINNER!
  • Best Pizza: La Piazzetta
  • Best Steak: Thierry’s Prime
  • Best Burger: Carl’s Jr.
  • Best Tortilla Soup: Ernesto’s
  • Best Nachos: Chili’s
  • Best Tacos: Pepe’s Tacos
  • Best Seafood: Ocho Tostadas
  • Best Vegetarian: Planeta Vegetariano LANDSLIDE WINNER!
  • Best Salad: Daiquiri Dick’s
  • Best Bakery: Los Chatos
  • Best Dessert: Café des Artistes
  • Best Ice Cream: Häagen-Dazs
  • Best Margarita: Daiquiri Dick’s
  • Best Martini: Garbo

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