While pork and vanilla may not seem like a suitable combination, these two key ingredients have successfully found their way into the menu at the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Separately, of course! The popular South Shore landmark has begun hosting ongoing pig roast events featuring cochinita pibil, a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish from the state of Yucatán. The Mayan word “pibil” means “buried,” and traditionally it involves marinating a whole baby pig and burying it in a pit with a fire at the bottom to roast it. At the Gardens, preparations begin the day before and the meat is cooked overnight. The dish is served with a generous serving of mashed potatoes, beans, and two separate salsas, barbeque and chipotle-based.

Mojitos 2.0

Among the many unique plants that can be discovered at the Gardens, there is an entire section of the grounds dedicated to vanilla, an orchid native to Mexico and popular around the world as a flavoring. To celebrate this fact, and to encourage visitors to come face-to-face with the plant, you have the choice of walking through the vanilla garden, or enjoying a special vanilla mojito, prepared with organic vanilla pods ground into the popular cocktail, to infuse it with the sweet flavor of this vine.

The Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens are located 35 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta and are easily accessible by car or public transportation. Find out more about one of the best Puerto Vallarta attractions!