The Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta, has announced the completion of the renovation of its lobby, providing  a greater sense of arrival to its guests. The resort has always characterized itself for offering impressive architectural details, complemented with unique visual and sensorial  elements, which intensify each visitors experience. 

DCM Design Company was in charge of the renovation, completed within a two month period. The new lobby design provides a fresh and modern style to the Westin. The design includes organic elements such as a living wall, that combines several textures such as wood and marble.  An art piece from renowned artist Gerardo Noriega, was placed as the main decorative element in the middle of the lobby. This piece is in the shape of a tree called “Egregora” which means energy fusion.

The reception area was redesigned with three new modules, allowing the associates to interact and have more contact with the guests.  In this area of the resort Japanese grass was planted, transmitting a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. The furniture was specifically designed for this new space, using materials in light and elegant colors, which lead to comfort and relaxation. The floor was totally replaced using marble. Special and cozier spaces were created using white dividers simulating coral.

As a finishing touch wooden art pieces from the renowned local artist Mariano Perez, decorate the lobby.

With this renovated sensorial environment the resort offers a welcoming place with soothing elements where guests can breathe easier and are gently induced to relaxation. For more information, click here.

Source: Gustavo Rivas Solis