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Teatro Vallarta Presents Free Conference: Introduction to Opera

Published Sep 18, 2013, 10:19am - (Updated Oct 21, 2013, 12:22pm)


The 2013-2014 live opera broadcast season by New York’s Metropolitan Opera Company (The Met) in Teatro Vallarta will begin on October 5, with the screening of Tchaikovsky’s Eugene Onegin. In light of that, and to encourage more locals to get excited about opera, Teatro Vallarta will offer a free lecture, titled “Introduction to Opera,” presented by Vallarta Lifestyles Managing Editor, Paco Ojeda. The 90-minute lecture will take place at Teatro Vallarta (Uruguay 184, Col. 5 de Diciembre) on Monday, September 30 at 6 pm in Spanish, and 7:30 in English.

During the lecture, Paco will offer a concise and entertaining analysis of how opera has survived the test of time throughout more than 400 years of history, emphasizing key dates and events. Using several musical examples as reference, Ojeda will encourage those present to discover the delight of this often misunderstood musical genre. “Opera, like tequila, is a tricky thing,” comments Ojeda. “There are several ways to enjoy it, some kinder than others. Give it a shot, no pun intended, and you can actually discover the beauty in opera.” He will also touch base on the ten live opera transmissions that will be presented at Teatro Vallarta during the 2013-2014 season, each of which will be preceded by a brief, introductory lecture. The season includes several well-known masterworks, including Puccini’s La Bohème and Rossini’s La Cenerentola.

“Teatro Vallarta began broadcasting The Met’s Saturday opera matinees last season,” he added. “It would be wonderful if more people would discover such a unique experience this season. Unfortunately, many people hear the word ‘opera’ and feel like bolting out the door, thinking that it’s a long, boring event. The reality is far from that, and I hope to encourage people to give opera a chance with the workshop.”

Teatro Vallarta joins important theaters in Mexico and the rest of the world, broadcasting the Met’s opera performances, live from New York’s Lincoln Center, using multiple high-definition cameras, surround sound and state-of-the-art technology. A complete opera performance schedule is available at Teatro Vallarta’s website, www.teatrovallarta.com.

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