You have to love technology as it relates to discovering consumer tastes, trends and so forth. This year we’ve paid close attention to you, faithful reader, and how you have interacted with our email newsletter, as far as clicking on specific content is concerned. After all, the more you click, the more we learn about you!

Not To Brag, But...

We always feel a little bit like Sally Field in her gushing 1984 Oscar acceptance speech (“... you like me, right now, you like me!”) whenever we learn that another reader has chosen to subscribe to our newsletter or like our Facebook page. All throughout 2012 we invited you to act on both without much fanfare, simply striving to deliver you interesting content, week after week. Just this past week, we were liked for the 4,000th time on Facebook. Our email newsletter also registered a progressive increase in subscribers through the year. And although we lose some readers every month (most likely one-time visitors that have returned home after a Puerto Vallarta vacation) the number of new subscribers is always higher, bringing us to 3,077 as of this writing, a 49% increase from December, 2011. Most of you are equally distributed in Mexico, US and Canada, with an increasing number of European readers.

The Meat and Potatoes

What are Vallarta Lifestyles Newsletter readers interested in reading about? We have taken the top, most-read story from each of the 46 newsletters we sent you in 2011 (prior to this one, bringing the total number of newsletters this year to 47) and assigned them all to broad topic-based categories, based on the contents of each story. The results, while not completely surprising, confirmed something vallartenses have known all along: Puerto Vallarta is an extraordinary place to enjoy great food (or to read about it, anyway!).

The majority of you enjoyed food- and dining-related stories the most (30%) followed by news and articles related to local activities and entertainment (27%). Reports on awards garnered by local hotels along with suggestions for nearby getaways were also high on your interest list (20%). Our coverage of improvements around town proved to be the next most read category (11%) while the remainder of stories had to do with broader topics, including safety, something that continues to be of paramount importance for all of us. Here is the graphic breakdown:


Bottom Line

As we look back at a challenging 2012, we remain tremendously grateful that you choose to read us on an ongoing basis, as we stive to provide you with the best connections to all things wonderful in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. And moving forward, we will continue to bring you relevant news stories, original content and compelling photographs that will hopefully help you as you continue discovering everything our destination has to offer.

See you in 2013!