EntreAmigos' spacious learning center and library.

Hoping to energize locals (and tourists, of course!) who might be spending time during the more laid back summer days, looking for interesting things to do, Superior Tours Vallarta has just announced a special “Up North” tour, a day trip for visitors and locals to discover San Pancho and Sayulita. The tour will take place on Friday, August 2. This will hopefully become a number of special tours for the summer season.

“The number of locals that have never been curious to explore the North Shore truly amazes me,” commented Astrid Van Dam, whose touring company has carved a much-deserved niche among local and regional tour providers, not to mention the rest of Mexico and even some Latin-American countries.

The tour’s highlight is EntreAmigos, a very successful community project in San Pancho that has attracted participants and followers from all over the world, including the World Economic Forum, the team from Cirque du Soleil, and many others. Founder Nicole Swedlow will offer a guided tour of this impressive, sustainably-designed, award-winning education center. And starting this winter, Superior Tours Vallarta will visit EntreAmigos every week as part of their Thursday tour to La Peñita de Jaltemba’s enormous outdoor market.

“You will be amazed at EntreAmigos what people can make... fun and crazy items that can't be found anywhere else in this region... and all made of re-used or recycled materials,” added Van Dam when she described the center’s amazing recycling and repurposing philosophy. A store is set up for visitors to help support their projects by purchasing items, so don`t forget to bring some extra money as well.

After visiting EntreAmigos, the tour will take a spin through San Pancho to see and learn a bit more about this cultural, artistic community including an overview of the new, La Patrona Polo Club, one of only two such clubs from Riviera Nayarit to Costalegre.

Participants will receive plenty of tips on the secrets spots of San Pancho before heading out to Sayulita for an afternoon of shopping, people watching or enjoying the afternoon at this super popular surfing beach.

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Source: Superior Tours Vallarta