We are so grateful to have received another wonderful testimonial about Summer in Vallarta, this time from Ana Laurita of Davannayoga! We welcome the opportunity to collect and showcase success stories that help dispel the myth that there is nothing to do in Puerto Vallarta during the summer months. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at editor@mexmags.com. —Editor

As a local resident of Puerto Vallarta I look forward to April through September with great anticipation. I like these months because there are less people in the yoga shala, which gives us all room to spread out a bit more. For me, April and May are the “secret months,” because the weather here is some of the best weather all year long, the masses have left and those in the know, visit us during that time of year to share the secret.

Then there is the warmth! In June, July, August, September and October the warmth is what I look forward to for my yoga practice. I love it so much that we have a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in June and in October. This is the time of the year when my yoga practice and the practice of others really takes off. The heat and humidity gets us just a little bit further in our yoga postures in a shorter amount of time. The heat improves joint mobility, enhances stretching, reduces the risk of injury, aids circulation, and allows the body to release toxins. The extra sweating helps us to release unwanted winter weight and prepare us for showing a bit more skin in the warmer summer months. (Remember that yoga originated in India, not exactly a cool climate.) It’s the heat that you want in your yoga practice, to purify the body, mind and soul, and in the summer months in Puerto Vallarta, that warmth cleansing is readily available!

Everything is cheaper! The students who come for a training or an immersion in summer enjoy very low, off-season housing prices, and sometimes I’m able to find house-sitting opportunities so they stay for free within a few minutes walk to davannayoga. The restaurants also have great deals this time of year as do other businesses. 

In davannayoga, we keep things hopping in the summer months. We have an Immersion Program in May, July and again in September. This is five days of yoga practice, philosophy and history, along with a vegetarian cooking class for those who don’t necessarily want to teach but want to learn more about yoga.  And we have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in both June and October again to take advantage of this special time of the year for your yoga practice. 
See you on the mat!

Anna Laurita is owner/director at davannayoga.