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Stereo: A Great Venue for Young Adults

Published May 30, 2008, 4:49pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 5:31pm)

Stereo is a concept intended for young adults, that gives a twist to Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife. Guest artists that change frequently, keeps regular clients coming back regularly, as they never know what surprises are in store. Since its inception in November 2006, Stereo targets the clientele of young adults older than 18 years and welcomes guests of all cultures with open arms.

Among its guest artists are opera singer David Galas, Ego, La Prohibida, Mexican performers Las Hermanas Vampiro, Osvaldo Calderon, former Alaska and Fangoria’s guitarrist Luis Miguelez, Nacha la Macha from Spain, DJ Marko, DJ Kyndra and the resident DJ Ramses. The staff welcomes suggestions for guest artists and decorations, to maintain the tradition of creating original events and parties. Stereo also has a virtual community throughout its MySpace web page (www.myspace.com/stereopv), which was created as a result of a suggestion by the good friend of the owner.

The creator of Stereo, is 24 year old Edgar Sánchez, who is a native of Puerto Vallarta. He decided to open this unique bar after a trip to Europe. Sánchez never imagined his participation in the business world. as he had been solely involved in artistic projects in the past. His imagination and efforts have been rewarded by the huge success of his club, which is a popular spot in Puerto Vallarta’s nightlife.

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