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Responsible Journalism Begins to Take Hold in Puerto Vallarta

Published May 20, 2013, 1:13pm - (Updated May 22, 2013, 10:34am)

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

News are spreading about Responsible Journalism, a new initiative spearheaded in Puerto Vallarta by a select group of news agencies committed to providing visitors and locals with credible, well-crafted news about the destination without infringing on each other’s original content. The latest website to join the association is Jesus de Avila’s PVMirror Online Monthly Version.

A Puerto Vallarta resident for over 30 years, de Avila was a pioneer in 1996 as far as destination promotion in Mexico is concerned, with his now-defunct website, GoToMexico. “Most small businesses in Puerto Vallarta didn’t even own computers then,” he recalls. Presently, he connects with readers through PVMirror Online Monthly Version, with the goal of providing visitors with connections with the Bay’s finest resources, with a personal touch.

Any news agencies in Puerto Vallarta are welcome to join Responsible Journalism as long as they abide by the organization's principles, clearly outlined in all participating websites.

In other related news, Vallarta Lifestyles Managing Editor, Paco Ojeda, had the opportunity to address students from the CEUArkos University this past Friday, in a one-hour presentation on the topic. The invitation came from Arturo Montero, chair of the Communications Department at the university. “At present time, our students are involved in a historical research project about Colonia Emiliano Zapata, where the university is located,” explains Montero. “Having our students connect on a personal basis with Puerto Vallarta professionals involved in communications or publishing is extremely valuable for them.”

Aside from the principles upheld by members, Responsible Journalism hopes to make connections with Puerto Vallarta’s educational institutions and convey to students the importance of handling information respectfully and responsibly. “Today’s students will represent Puerto Vallarta’s best interests in only a few years from now,” added Ojeda. “So spending time with them providing inspiration and guidance is absolutely essential.”

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