Although we think of Puerto Vallarta as a beach destination, mountain biking has been a popular activity in the bay for years. To further promote the activity, VeloBike PV and the Ciclista Amigos Bike Club have announced the second annual Madre Tierra Mountain Bike Race, to take place this Sunday, August 18, at the Vista Vallarta Golf Club. The race features categories in all ages, from 5-6 year-old children to 50+ advanced cyclists. A total of $19,650 MX will be awarded among the three top winners in the junior, beginner, intermediate, women’s free and advanced categories.

Folks interested in participating in this event have up until Saturday, 8 PM to register. Registration and more information can be obtained by visiting VeloBike at Galerías Vallarta, via email at velobike.pv@gmail.com or by calling (322) 209-0716.