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Puerto Vallarta City Hall Awarded Its Best People

Published Jun 1, 2007, 1:00pm - (Updated Nov 28, 2011, 3:24pm)

“We are a municipality with history and years of experience. We are a mature tourism destination, (we) have to think with responsibility where we want to go as a tourism industry and community” said Puerto Vallarta Mayor Javier Bravo in the double anniversary celebration of Puerto Vallarta last May 31st at a City Hall ceremony. The Mayor’s first message also emphasized the importance of society and government actions to become an even better destination for national and international tourists.

Puerto Vallarta Chronicler Juan Manuel Gómez read a local biography as a part of the ceremony where Jalisco Congress President also recited the decrees that originally constituted Puerto Vallarta as a municipality 89 years ago. In the same ceremony, the City Hall recognized local personalities whose work has contributed positively to our city's development with the traditional Premio Vallarta. Recipients of this year's award included:

Art: Pedro Peña who developed his artistic skills in Puerto Vallarta.

Culture: Chronicler Martin Meza Resendiz and Sistema Jaliscience de Radio y Televisión, a radio station that promotes culture and education.

Ecology: Centro Educativo Ameyali, a school whose mission is to offer basic education along with environmental conscience.

Education: María Guadalupe Cervantes Ramírez, organizer and creator of the first pro-teacher forum.

Social Assistance: Phillipa Mary Vernon who leads New Life Mexico, an institution that support children's needs.

Sports: Diego Santana Bracamontes, a national sport promise who is presently representing Puerto Vallarta in diverse competitions.

Tourism: Juan Peña Davalos, a tireless Puerto Vallarta tourism industry promoter.

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