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We continue with our exploration of some of Puerto Vallarta’s most important organizations presently involved in promoting our destination’s artistic offer. Again, we are focusing on organizations that we are aware of, either through news received from them, or word of mouth. We are certain that there are others out there, and would be happy to help promote them as we learn more about their goals and pursuits. Don't forget to read the first part of this article!

ActII Entertainment

What it is:


As previously reported, aside from producing a handful of successful plays and musical revues in the past few months, ActII has decided to step into the deep end of the entertainment pool by plunging into a larger space with multiple spaces, and wearing multiple hats—actors, producers, venue managers, and so on. But in order to grow, it’s important to nurture up and coming talents. To that effect, ActII has announced Voice of Vallarta, as a way to bring out the best talent from our own city. Although details are not set in stone yet, Voice of Vallarta will be a twelve-week, annual talent competition in which the winner will receive the production of his/her own musical CD and a concert. In addition, once ActII’s new entertainment complex is finished in November, it will provide rehearsal space for other smaller art organizations, such as the Puerto Vallarta Chamber Orchestra.

How to connect:

ActII’s website and Facebook page features up-to-date information on current and future projects, audition dates, etc. With three major musicals, three major plays and at least three weekly variety concerts scheduled through the Winter/Spring season, there will be plenty of opportunities on stage and behind it for anyone looking for the limelight.


Grupo Municipal de Teatro

What it is:

For twenty years, this municipality-sponsored organization has been steadily and quietly inspiring young actors, under the helm of acting teacher, playwright and director, Alberto Fabian. Fabian spends a considerable amount of time scouting for talent in local high schools to produce an average of three plays per year, including the traditional “Pastorela Mexicana,” a Christmas Mexican tradition. The company rehearses within the facilities of Puerto Vallarta’s Department of Culture in Isla Rio Cuale. Once the plays are ready to be showcased, the company represents Puerto Vallarta by organizing tours throughout Mexico, and is an annual participant in the very important Encuentro de Teatro del Interior, an annual theater summit that takes place in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. In the past few years, the company has performed several plays written by Fabian, who has also received national accolades as a playwright. A book with three of his plays, produced by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, is presently in the works.

How to connect:

Aside from attending the performances (all in Spanish, so they’re good to practice your español!), young actors are welcome by inquiring at Puerto Vallarta’s Department of Culture at Isla Río Cuale, near the new Gringo Gulch pedestrian bridge.



What it is:

Masterminded by retired dance instructor Enrique Barrios, Puerto Vallarta’s Xiutla Folkloric Dance Troupe can be spotted performing on a regular basis in town, at the Malecon and several other public spaces, most frequently Plaza Lázaro Cárdenas. It is said that it is one of the best structured art organizations in town, with a large number of students that have, through time, become teachers for new generations. The Xiutla has been invited to tour through the US, Europe and Japan. One of its most important assets: a very well kept—and very valuable—Mexican folkloric wardrobe collection!

How to connect:

Also sponsored by the municipality, it’s easy to learn more about Xiutla’s activities through Puerto Vallarta’s Department of Culture. It is also not uncommon to catch some of its participants rehearsing outside of City Hall, on weekday evenings.