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Los Muertos Pier, One of Top Nine in the World

Published Jul 29, 2014, 10:46am -


CNN Español, the Spanish counterpart to the popular English news website, has singled out nine spectacular piers around the world, including Los Muertos Pier in the exclusive list. In an editorial feature published July 28, Tamara Hinson selects the following as the most beautiful piers in the world, in no particular order:

  • Umhlanga Pier (South Africa)
  • Rotonda a Mare (Italy)
  • Clevedon Pier (United Kingdom)
  • Kastrup Pier (Denmark)
  • Huntington Beach Pier (California, US)
  • Cheveningen Pier (Holland)
  • Brighton Pier (United Kingdom)
  • Busselton Pier (Australia)
  • Los Muertos Pier (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico)

Equally scenic day or night, the new Los Muertos Pier opened to the public in January 2013, quickly becoming a must-visit landmark in Puerto Vallarta's cosmopolitan Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. It’s height and longitude allow for a spectacular view of the entire bay, also allowing for passengers to board small vessels, some of which providing passage to several beaches south of Puerto Vallarta that are only accessible by boat.

Read the CNN article (in Spanish) by clicking here.

Read the CNN article (in English) by clicking here.

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